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Wedding Fitness, Wedding Dances and Wedding Dates Selection

March 25, 2017

You said “Yes!” to him, and now…what? As straight-forward as planning a wedding may seem, it actually involves more steps and work than you think. But planning your own wedding is not impossible with a little help and reminder along the way. Follow our step-by-step wedding guide and find out all the essential must-do’s in your […]


98 Percent of Brides Regret Not Budgeted Wedding Video After Their Weddings

February 26, 2017

Recounting the story of other DIY Diva Wedding Hell. They would think, after that experience, not getting a wedding planner was the biggest regret. Nope, second biggest. Like most brides, they tend to look forward to our wedding for 4 reasons: I was marrying a man better than I ever could have dreamed for myself The Big Day was a creative […]


Is Wedding Video A Must or a Maybe?

January 20, 2017

You may be thinking wedding photos and another wedding video are overkill, but trust us, you will want both. Don’t just take our word for it — listen to the feedback from our customers. “Thank you The Keep Studio for the hard work & the beautiful wedding video. You guys are amazing.” — Yasmin and […]