98 Percent of Brides Regret Not Budgeted Wedding Video After Their Weddings

Recounting the story of other DIY Diva Wedding Hell. They would think, after that experience, not getting a wedding planner was the biggest regret. Nope, second biggest.

Like most brides, they tend to look forward to our wedding for 4 reasons:

  1. I was marrying a man better than I ever could have dreamed for myself
  2. The Big Day was a creative outlet for my DIY dreams
  3. Friends and Family were coming together from all across the country
  4. Biggest. Party. Ever.

After the wedding, here is what they had to show for it:

  • Gorgeous photos
  • A preserved wedding gown
  • Stories from friends and family about it being the best party, not just wedding, they had ever attended

Cue the regret. Like most brides in Singapore, we budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, wedding couples regretted not getting a professional wedding videographer in Singapore.

The photos bring back great memories, but let’s talk about gate crash, first dance etc, check out other wedding highlights and lunch edits we have done. Many fiancé surprised their counterpart with wedding dance lessons soon after they were engaged. They spent months with a choreographer learning our first dance. We were in our own world on that dance floor. It was like the whole world melted away as we waltzed to Louis Armstrong.

In their mind, they were going to dance it again every year on their anniversary. They would never forget the steps. Talking about our first anniversary, we were away on a business trip. Our second anniversary was the due date of our first baby. By the third anniversary, the steps were long forgotten.

Now let’s talk family and friends. Big family. Lots of friends. About 200 people flying in from all over the country. The award goes to Singapore. It was the last family gathering for both of our grandmothers. The last one. No one wants to think about it, but it’s real. When else are you going to hear marriage advice from your grandmother. When else is she going to warn your husbands about your temper tantrums at the age of five?

And photos just aren’t enough to hold on to years later. Talk to our wedding videographer today!